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Laser 16

Designed by Bruce Kirby of Laser racing dinghy fame, the 16 is a very different sort of boat. Five metres in length with a 2m beam, the gel-coated glass fibre dinghy first appeared in 1986 under the 'Laser Weekend' tag which signalled the sort of family-and-friends market it was aimed at. A retractable 29.5kg metal centreboard makes a significant contribution to the overall 250kg hull weight and to the boat's feeling of solidity and stability. It has a sizeable watertight storage locker under the enclosed foredeck, accessible via a lifting hatch on the forward bulkhead. A furling jib and two rows of mainsail slab reefing are standard. Buoyancy is built into the bow and enclosed side decks, while the cockpit is self-draining via holes in the full-height transom. Options included a rear locker, outboard bracket, swim ladder and symmetric spinnaker kit. Production of the Laser 16 ceased in the late 1990s but it is still very popular with families and day cruising aficionados, and can easily accommodate five adults.

Size: 5.05 metres long, 1.95 metres wide, weighing approx 179 kilograms
Sails: 14 square metres (extra sail called spinnaker is 11.1 square metres)

Number of sailors: between 2 and 5

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