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Laser 13

A scaled-down derivative of the Laser 16, the Laser 13 has a gel-coated glass fibre hull just over four metres long and weighs 136kg including a hefty metal centreboard which contributes to the feeling of stability. Production ceased in the late 1990s but it still has a strong appeal for the "2+2" market into which it was launched in 1989 as a reassuring family fun boat that can also be sailed single-handed or raced two-up. It has a sizeable watertight storage locker under the enclosed foredeck, accessible via a lifting hatch on the forward bulkhead. A furling jib and mainsail slab reefing are standard. Buoyancy is built into the bow and enclosed side decks, while the cockpit is self-draining via holes in the full-height transom. Options included an outboard bracket and symmetric spinnaker kit.

Size: 4.05 metres long, 1.72 metres wide, weighing approx 136 kilograms
Sails: 9.32 square metres (extra sail called spinnaker is 10.5 square metres)

Number of sailors: between 2 and 4

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