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1: Transfer and accomodation

It had been a long summer; plenty of sailing but some long hours in the office and my laptop a constant companion. When my back locked up with so much tension that a physio struggled to loosen it, I knew I needed a break. A late season trip to Wildwind’s legendary centre in Vassiliki seemed just the right medicine. The promise of a taste of the centre’s new ‘healthy options’ package was an added attraction — although I fully expected to spend most of the week enjoying Vassiliki’s famous breeze.

Wildwind is a small independent company, with two centres in Greece; the lighter wind destination of Afissos on the Pelion Peninsula, and Vassiliki on the island of Lefkas. Our flight landed at Preveza, a small military airport just an hour and a half from Vassiliki.

The transfer is a pleasant journey through the Greek countryside. A briefing and welcome drinks greeted us and we were soon settled in. Our accommodation was very much at the basic end of the standard offered by most sailing holiday centres today, but it was due to be refurbished, and let’s face it, if the sailing and social side is good, you don’t exactly spend much time in your room anyway.

The accommodation is organised around two restaurants owned by related Greek families. Our room was part of a small accommodation block facing the centre’s pool, just a small hop from the bar. It all made for a very friendly, relaxed feel — almost as though you were staying in someone’s house rather than a hotel. Both bars operate a tab system, and as the barman soon knew our names, there was no need to even give our room number as we enjoyed the odd ice cream or cool beer by the pool.

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