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Get Your Kids Sailing

1: Introduction

Most children love to race, providing they’ve been introduced to the sport in the right fashion. Some take to it immediately and very quickly become unstoppable, revelling in the challenges and adrenaline of strong wind days. On the other hand, even quite timid children can appreciate the feel-good factor that arises from learning a new skill and doing it well, providing they are introduced in a manner which takes account of any anxieties they have.

A key attraction of sailing for many families is that it’s an activity in which the whole family can take part. Even if the majority of dinghy sailing is done with each member of the family in a different boat, big boat racing is possible with older children. Learning to sail makes a great family holiday in itself.

There’s an endless variety of possibilities for getting children started in sailing, with clubs, local authorities, schools, outdoor centres and specialist sailing schools throughout the country offering courses tailored for young people. Location is no barrier to learning to sail, even if you live miles from the sea you’ll have an inland club nearby — almost every county has a wide choice, from small, low-budget and family-focussed operations to the big names with top level facilities and expansive waters.

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Let each child develop at his or her own pace, without pushing too hard

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